About Bself

Bself  Aloe Vera Gel is 100% pure Aloe Vera gel that is cautiously  extracted from handpicked ripe, robust & succulent Aloe Vera leaves and hygienically packed in a bottle in order to retain its natural healing & rejuvenating benefits. 

Skin benefits of Bself Aloe Vera Gel

  • Accelerates the healing of burns.

  • Exfoliate the skin to get Rid of dead cells and clear pores of grime.

  • Improve skin and prevent wrinkles.

  • Provides protection from skin damage after radiation therapy.

  • Moisturizes the dry skin and keep it hydrated without making it greasy and gives smooth, silky soft skin.

  • Can be used to remove acne scars, soothes burns & sunburns, lightens stretch marks and prevents wrinkles as it contains vitamin E.


Hair benefits of Bself Aloe Vera Gel

  • Can be directly applied on hair as it relieve scalp itchiness and irritation due to its potent anti-pruritic properties.

  • Helps in reducing dandruff due to the fact that it has strong anti-fungal properties.


Ingredient list

  • Aloevera barbadensis

  • liqude extract

  • Preservatives- Q.S.

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Mailing Address:2,Trimurti Sadan,Panch Kutir,Powai,Hiranandani,Mumbai-400076

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